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Fenrir, a brownish-gray timber wolf that appears several times in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, is seen as a symbol of Cloud's loneliness and his guilt for the deaths of two of his friends: Aerith Gainsborough and Zack Fair, as well as for his other failures. This is not stated in the movie, but is mentioned in the Reunion Files, a "making of" book for Advent Children. The wolf was speculated by some to be the spirit of Zack, following Cloud from the Lifestream. The wolf may signify Cloud being a "lone wolf" who tries to deal with problems his own way—either by confronting them or escaping from them—without the help of others.

Sim, copiado do wiki. Mas se o wiki escreveu melhor que eu, pra que mudar? xD
Anyway, no momento desse post, temos 3 chaveiros disponiveis apenas. 
Esse já foi embora. É do Araújo, do canal Capslock (só procurar no youtube).

Vermelho escuro com dourado, azul com preto, vermelho com preto =3

Esse foi pro marido xD

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E depois postarei algumas coisas do EPIC! Celtic Fest!

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